Download Master overview

Download Master was born 15 years ago. Its developers are programmers from the company WestByte, which is engaged in the creation and sale of software. The free download Manager allows you to efficiently manage the process of downloading different types of files. Using multithreading guarantees the highest download speed, and easy category management makes it much easier to find the right file. If the connection to the world wide web was lost or the download was interrupted for some other reason, it can easily be started from the current location without losing the data that has already been downloaded.

This Manager works perfectly with a large number of modern Internet browsers. After installation, the DM offers to choose the type and high speed of connection. By default, the download will be performed at the highest speed, however, a person can change it to a more appropriate speed.

Boot process

To enable booting, right click to copy the download link directly in the window of the Internet browser. Then click the ” Add ” button in the upper-left corner of the app, or simply hover the cursor over the DM icon in the taskbar, and click on plus.

After that, you will immediately see a window where you can select the category of the document to upload, the folder where it will be saved, and write a specific comment. Download Master automatically defines a category, but a person can change it, create a new one, or add a subsection to quickly search for data later.

This app can function on a schedule. To set the start and end times for downloads, select “Tools” in the top menu, then “Schedule”. Immediately, the user can set the app’s actions after the end of the schedule: closing the download wizard, logging out of the Internet, and turning off the PC.

Download Master Features

Download Master allows you to view the contents of ZIP archives before downloading them. With this program, you can easily view and save clips from all known video hosting sites. The program is embedded in the Internet browser, so when the page with the video clip is open, you just need to click on the “Add” button to enable the download.

The program also has an online catalog TopDownloads. Just one click will be enough to get access to common games and software, video clips and audio files. For human comfort, these categories are listed in the menu on the left as subsections Of the “top downloads”.