Marketing research without spending money

Free market research is a reality available to everyone. The importance of marketing research is that it is the main source of complete and objective information about the market. You can rely on this information when making decisions, creating advertising materials, developing products or services, and in many other cases.

How to conduct free marketing research

Sales managers and sellers are constantly in close contact with customers, and therefore with the market, and it will not be difficult for them to collect the necessary digital information on the market. Only “trained” specialists can conduct high-quality research, because without this, they will not know what to ask their clients and will not be motivated to do so.

If they are not motivated, then they need to pay money, which means that marketing research is already paid, and this is not our goal. Our goal is free marketing research. A trained sales Manager and salesperson is personally interested in getting information from customers, which means they will do everything for free.

When there is no inner desire, any other means of motivation are weakly effective. A pumped-up seller, not only becomes more effective, but can perform many new functions, including conducting free marketing research and intelligence. A trained salesman becomes an agent of your company.

What does free marketing research do?

The trained specialist starts working in the interests of the company, and not just for the sake of earning money. The implementation of new functions by a seller or sales Manager gives many, many advantages of the company, hitherto unknown advantages. So, the upgraded seller will be able to get information about new ideas that consumers are currently concerned about.

Getting information about new ideas introduced to the consumer is one of the most important areas of marketing research, because an idea is the basis of business and the basis of business processes. If earlier it was said that the one who owns the information owns the world, now it is said that the one who knows what ideas the consumer cares about-owns the world.

Getting information about new ideas that really excite consumers is very difficult and very expensive if you do it not independently, but through intermediaries. If you do this through your seller, then you will not need money. On the contrary, you can even make money by reselling information about new ideas to interested companies.

Research as a way to get rid of competitors

New ideas are very valuable information, because new products are needed to implement them. The one who learns about new ideas before others, can create the product needed for these ideas before others. As a result, a monopoly on the market will be obtained and the cream will be removed from the market. The rest will have to be content with just the crumbs that will remain on the market.

A company where the seller is not pumped, learns about what products to buy or produce, only if they visit your company, because they can only copy, not create, but it will be too late, because the cream of the market will be yours for a long time, competitors will only have leftovers. Competitors will only have to finish eating after you.

Another benefit that gives a pumped-up seller is the opportunity to conduct free marketing research and find out how much energy the consumer has, how motivated they are to purchase a particular product or service. If the consumer does not have energy, he does not have motivation, which means that it must be created forcibly.

Marketing research as a way to increase sales

It can be created just by the seller or sales Manager. If the energy is not created, there will be no sale. A seller who is not pumped can’t get this data because they don’t.

Free market research as a way to save money

A highly pumped seller can make the buyer so excited that they start looking for someone to pass their energy to. He can only transfer energy to another person, which means that he will have to go communicate with others. In the process of this communication, it is clear that it will convey not only the energy, but also the idea that caused it.

So it turns out that the buyer will actually do some work in order to create new customers for you. It will broadcast to the market the idea of which is charged. At the same time, it will do all this for free. Agree, it’s always nice to get something for free that you usually have to pay money for, and a lot of money at that.

Free marketing research that you get thanks to a trained salesperson allows you to save on advertising and promotion of products or services, and the money saved is money earned. Thus, without spending anything on marketing, You also earn money from it. Marketing starts generating profits for you.